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"Shauna Davey Goldman was an amazing presenter. She provided many opportunities to move around as well as have open discussions. Would love to see her again." 

Kerry-Kay R., PK 4 Educator

"As a first-time mom, I had no idea where to start when it came down to potty training my 20-month-old. Shauna was a great person to talk to regarding that. She provided me with some great resources on how to go about it gradually transitioning my baby girl to diaper independence." 

Jennifer D., Parent

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"Shauna is an excellent support for me as a parent of a child with autism. 


She is very aware of the systems that are in place to support me as a parent as well as to support my daughter’s special circumstances. She provides support and advice as it relates to interpreting data from her different evaluations, supports that are available, and strategies that I can use at home to support my daughter's development and my family.

Shauna is punctual for every appointment. Even when I forget, she keeps me on track with a reminder text or email. If she promises to do follow-up work, she is going to do it. You can rely on her. I like that she has personalized experience with our own children receiving early intervention services as well. She is really able to relate to my needs and the reality of my situation."

Thank you Shauna. 

Noreen T., Parent 

"Thank you Shauna for being so informative and making these PD sessions so interesting that I actually enjoy them."


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