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Young boy playing with chalk
Child playing with construction toys.

I had the pleasure of interviewing with Shauna this morning, and I must say, it was a positive and enlightening experience. Her professionalism, insight, and welcoming demeanor made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. Also, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Maria Jose for her outstanding support and assistance. Every time I reached out to her, whether by phone or email, she responded promptly and efficiently. Thank you for Shauna and Maria.

Yemi Srach

Thank you again for you and your team's diligent work in finding staffing solutions for us. We appreciate the partnership we have created and look forward to another year with you.

-Alicia G. 

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Child painting.

I had the privilege to be a part of Nelson’s Early Learning Services as a contractor childcare worker. Nelson’s Early Learning Services helped me with some of my needed credentials. I worked at some awesome schools and a university. I would highly recommend a person looking for work in the childcare profession to Nelson Early Learning Services.


MJ is excellent. She is so responsive and on top of things. I'm sorry that we keep her so busy with all of our requests (yes, tireless efforts) but I am grateful that we can be patrons of your business!

CK, Center Director

Child playing with sand and dump truck.

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