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Dare to Dream Academic Tutoring

We pride ourselves on creating a unique and responsive learning environment that encourages educational improvements.

Dare to Dream Academic Tutoring supports children and youth ages 3-18 and adult learners in Washington DC. We are here to help anyone who wants to reach a higher level of understanding in subject areas including, but not limited to Math, Literacy, Science, and Social Studies. In addition to offering tutoring services in a wide range of subjects, we teach studying habits and organizational skills to improve academic performance and self-confidence.

Dare to Dream develops and uses various instructional methods and multiple learning styles to foster growth and learning.

We emphasize the importance of identifying SMART goals and we work with our tutors and tutees to make progress and reaching that goal.

Dare to Dream  Cycle of Tutoring

The Dare to Dream Academic Tutoring Cycle highlights the importance of knowing that learning and development are not linear processes. Setting reasonable goals and monitoring growth are significant parts of our ongoing cycle of tutoring, with each part feeding into the next.  We evaluate and identify the need of our tutees using assessment data, family and school input, and previous work samples. We then use that data to customize effective strategies to serve each learner optimally. 

For more information about receiving tutoring services, contact us below. 

Dare to Dream Cycle of Tutoring.

Tutors in Washington DC

Academic Tutors in Washington DC

Our tutors vary in their background experience and skillset. While their history is varied, every tutor is trained to uphold nELSon's policies and mission. We make the extra effort to create a sense of transparency for families so they can be fully engaged in their child's learning.

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