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  • Q: How do I request a substitute?
    Once an agreement has been signed between you and Nelson Early Learning Services, you can send an email or call to request a substitute.
  • Q: How do I sign up for staffing support with Nelson Early Learning Services?
    To begin the process of staffing, we request you contact us directly via phone 202-670-8522 or email or complete the interest form online.
  • Q: Do you offer same day staffing support?
    Yes. We can generally have a substitute in your program in one (1) hour, based on substitutes availability.
  • Q: Do you provide half day staffing support?
    Yes. However, we have a minimum of 4 hours guaranteed work hours.
  • Q: How are substitutes assigned?
    Based on availability and location.
  • Q: How far in advance can I request a substitute for my program?
    As soon as you are aware that a staff is going to be absent, let us know and we will assign a substitute to cover.
  • Q: Does my program pay the substitute directly?
    No. You will pay Nelson Early Learning Services and in turn we pay substitutes for hours supported.
  • Q: What are the education experiences of your substitutes?
    Our substitutes educational experiences range from high school degrees to Master’s degrees.
  • Q: Am I locked into an agreement for a set amount of time?
    No. You can choose to use our services once or on a recurring basis.
  • Q: What if I sign an agreement but no longer require staffing services?
    That’s fine! You can pause and resume using our services at any time based on your staffing needs.
  • Q: Where is tutoring done?
    Tutoring can be done in the client's home, virtually, at a library, or any location of choice.
  • Q: What precautions are in place for Covid-19?
    We require all tutors and clients to wear masks during in-person sessions. We also require tutors who are not fully vaccinated to take and submit a negative Covid-19 test bi-weekly.
  • Q: Is there a minimum/maximum amount of hours for tutoring?
    Hours vary based on the client and their needs. We recommend a minimum of one hour per week and up to four hours per week.
  • Q: What days and time is tutoring done?
    We provide tutoring services Monday - Sunday between the hours of 7am - 8pm.
  • Q: How are tutoring schedules determined?
    This is based on the client and tutor's availability. Our tutors work closely with each client to create a schedule that will be ideal yet flexible.
  • Q: Is tutoring provided on holidays?
    Yes. However, this must be agreed upon between the client and the tutor.
  • Q: How are tutors assigned to clients?
    Tutors are matched with clients based on their qualifications and expertise in the subject area(s) that the client needs support with.
  • Q: Do you offer group sessions?
    Yes. Please call us @ 202-670-8522 or send us a direct email to for more information.
  • Q: What is the initial consultation?
    This is an opportunity for the director and the client to establish a relationship, conduct a needs assessment, and gather all necessary information to begin tutoring session.
  • Q: Can I terminate my tutoring session at anytime?
    Yes. However we require at least a 30-day notice prior to termination of services.
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